From Léonie to sr Geneviève - January 30, 1895.



From Léonie to sr Geneviève - January 30, 1895.

30th January 1895

Beloved little sister,

Your great day is fast approaching! Oh, I will be so closely united to you! My Communion will be for Jesus’ beloved fiancée. I’m counting on your prayers on Tuesday; could Jesus refuse you anything?

I am very pleased it will be Fr. Ducellier preaching your Taking of the Habit. You don’t know what a fond memory I keep of this saintly priest, who is a true family friend (Father Ducellier (1849-1916) had been curate of the church of Saint Pierre in Lisieux (1877-1884) and had heard Thérèse’s first confession in about 1880. A witness in the Process, he would speak of his admiration for Mr. Martin). What’s more, he loves our dear Father so much. When little Marie comes to Caen, and she comes so rarely, I would very much like to see her alone so that she can give me your news. Then I will at last be free to tell her many things which she will pass on to you.

Now, dearest sister, I will leave you by saying again how much I love you. No, it is not within my power to describe all the love I have in my innermost heart for my four treasures in the Carmel and for you in particular.

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