From Léonie to Thérèse - July 1, 1896.

From Léonie to Thérèse.

July 1, 1896

V + J!

La Musse, July 1, 1896

Very dear little Sister,

If you only knew how I am always thinking of you, and remem­brance of you is so sweet for me. It brings me close to God, and I understand your desire to go to see Him soon in order to lose yourself eternally in Him. I myself, too, desire it like you; I love to hear death spoken about, and I do not understand persons who love this life of suffering and of continual death.

As for yourself, my dear, you are ready to go to see God. Surely you would be well received, but I, alas, would arrive with empty hands, and yet I have the boldness not to be afraid, do you under­stand? It is incredible; I know it, I confess it, but I am unable to stop acting otherwise.

How are you? Dear little sister, on this subject alone I have no confidence in you, for you always tell me that you are well or bet­ter, and I believe nothing at all.

When you write me, tell me above all the real truth and speak to me of God and about all that I can do to advance in virtue. This is the only think that really pleases me and that I expect from the beloved Carmel.

If you only knew how necessary it is that I be helped not to allow myself go after the pleasures and vanities of the world, for, in spite of all the good will possible, we allow ourselves to be drawn insen­sibly toward these, and if we do not find death in them, at least pie­ty and pure love for Jesus are impaired. We no longer have anything to offer the dearly Beloved except faded flowers; how many times have I not offered Him some. Dear Sister, you will stop me, will you not, from continuing to do so? I am so weak. You know I am depending on you.

How happy I am for not going to the wedding; thanks! thanks! for what you know always stops your little runaway horse.

A thank-you to dear little Mother Agnes for her good letter; I hug all very tightly; how I love you.

I beg you, ask God especially for me that He may free me from my scruples; always drawn in upon myself, I am terribly harmed by this and held back very much from perfection. Be certain that 1 am placing my finger on the wound in order to show it to you.

Your little sister, who loves you with all her heart.

Léonie child of Mary

Remember me to our good Mother.

I fear Marie of the Eucharist is forgetting the scapular for Madame St. François de Sales; two large pieces of her dress, no embroidery, only pictures.


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