From Léonie to Thérèse - August 27, 1893

From Léonie to Thérèse - August 27th 1893

Very dear littleThérèse,

Your letter pleased me; if you only knew how much I wanted a letter from Carmel!

You compare me to the little dove of the Ark. I have thought of it very frequently, for this is my story, in fact. I compare myself so to the prodigal child: I have returned once more to throw myself into God's arms but again and especially into His divine Heart I am perfectly happy. Céline, however, will give you some news; We talked together for a long time.This dear little sister has a big place in my heart. Her generosity in the trials that God is sending her touches me deeply. She is a very beautiful soul, and she is highly esteemed and loved at the Visitation.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of our dear Mother's death; she sees us from the heights of heaven, she is praying for us, very surely she has a more tender look, a more tangible protection for her little Céline left alone in the world to carry out her filial and very sweet duty to our dear Father.

I leave you, dear Thérèse, or rather I do not, for we are all in fact very much united in the Heart of Jesus. There only we are loved with a tenderness which will last not only in this short life but also during the blessed eternity.

Your poor little sister who loves you with her whole heart.

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