From Léonie to Céline - July 13, 1893.

From Léonie to Céline - July 13, 1893. 

Visitation of Caen

13th July 1893.

Dearest little Céline,

I am sure you are eager to receive my promised letter and I am no less eager to reply to your dear letter. I wasn’t going to write to you until Sunday, but our dear novice Mistress doesn’t want me to wait any longer.

My beloved sister, I’m most anxious that you tell me all about your suffering, in which I wholly share, and yet you know this. We are separated only in body; our souls and hearts have remained and will forever remain perfectly united. There is neither distance nor barrier between us. If only you knew how much I love you and how much I am thinking of you! I am with you everywhere in spirit because you are my dearest loved-one. So don’t hide anything from me on the pretext that you would hurt me. I want to know everything and, you know, I am able to read between the lines.

I can’t tell you, my much-loved little sister, the extent of my affection for you. Without God’s express will, which showed itself by way of my Superiors, I never would have consented to leaving you. God knows how hard it is for me, my heart is often heavy thinking about it, but I tell myself that earthly separations are very short and this comforts me. I rejoice at the thought of Heaven, where we will be reunited forever. How happy we will then be to have suffered a great deal here below, and to have parted to better love and serve God, so that we may contemplate him together for all eternity.

The life I have embraced so lovingly is a life of crosses and continual immolations, but this nevertheless doesn’t stop it from being very pleasant and suiting me perfectly well. So throughout my religious life-time, I will concentrate on studying the Divine Heart, which will manifest itself to me through my dear Mothers who are very good and devoted to me and all will be well.

My beloved Sister, after having spoken at such length we must part and hurry to our duties. I wonder whether our dear papa is still happy. The memory of him often comes to my mind. I can see our revered father surrounded by my little Céline and I am there, too, because we never cease to be united.

Give him all my love, I will never forget the way he kissed me for the last time. He did it so tenderly! As if he knew he would never see me again (Léonie would indeed never see her father again because she did not leave the Visitation until 20th August 1895, a year after Mr. Martin’s death).