From Léonie to Céline - August 18, 1892.

From Léonie to Céline - August 18, 1892. 

Lisieux 18th August 92

Dearest little Sister,

You were expecting a letter from me on Saturday? If I had known it would disappoint you so much, despite not having much time, I would have put two lines in the post to make you happy and reassure you on the subject of dear Papa who really is as well as can be.

I learnt yesterday at the Carmel that you had been poorly; I hope you are fully recovered now. Make the most of the fresh air in La Musse, have fun, don’t worry about anything, God is in full control of our house and I assure you it is good to entrust oneself to Him. I’m having no difficulty whatsoever, everything is smoothing out before me, I can’t believe it.

Darling little Céline, I’m going to scold you for not telling me you were sick, and yet you know I like to know everything. As a result, to punish you, I want you to stay in La Musse until Aunt returns, is that understood? It would greatly upset me if I saw you come back ahead of all my dear family.

Your letters are very kind, especially the last one, I had tears in my eyes as I read it. Thank you for all the affection you have for me, I feel it keenly and you know how ungrateful your poor sister can be…!

This evening I am dining with Mr. and Mrs. Henri Maudelonde who are in Lisieux today to do shopping. I was afraid of being invited (to join them shopping), but I would have simply refused. This evening I’m going to bring Hélène’s little bouquet, I didn’t know it was her feast day; you did well to tell me.

I think that Marie’s foot has fully healed; she must run in the park like a little squirrel. No one can beat her at it.

I will leave you now, my darling Céline, and say: see you soon. You can be sure that Papa is fine, I gave him several kisses from you, and I’m not at all bored because I know you are happy.

Your little sister who cherishes you and loves you with all her heart.