From Léonie to Céline - August 21, 1892.

From Léonie to Céline - August 21st 1892

Lisieux 21st August 92

Beloved little sister,

I’ve come to talk to you for a bit, only to give you news of Papa. He is well, he has been very cheerful these past few days and is looking forward to seeing you all come home on Tuesday.

For his birthday tomorrow, we shall eat roast duck and cake.

I went to High Mass alone because our servant Maria is still a little poorly, and for that reason I sent her to the ½ past 11 Mass at St-Désir. And will you, my dear Céline, come back to me in good health? I hope so. You see, I’m not at all bored because I think you are happy, that you are resting a little after all your effort. We need to take some holidays, I had proof of that during the week I spent in Caen; I have been perfectly fine since.

I received a card from Fr Ducellier, he sent it to Papa’s address. The dear priest has been nominated dean of Trévières.

I am obliged to leave you now, darling little sister, to go to Vespers, because Churches are particularly deserted during the holidays.

Before finishing my letter, I want to tell you that your enemies, spiders, have become fashionable in Trouville; yesterday Hélène saw one on a lady’s hat. How awful!

My darling Céline, please give everyone my love, and particularly my little Marie. I wish her a very happy birthday (Marie Guérin would be 22 on 22ndAugust).

Your sister who loves you tenderly and says see you soon