From Léonie to Céline - June 24, 1894. Fragment.

From Léonie to Céline - June 24th 1894. Fragment. 

24th June 1894

Darling little Sister

How I’ve been longing to know how you and Papa are. It seems our great trial is at last coming to an end and that our revered father is very close to Heaven. Every morning I say to myself, “Will it be today that I hear the sad news?” Yet how great and worthy of envy is the happiness that awaits him. And you, beloved dove of Jesus, will soon be able to spread your wings, which up until now have been closed out of filial love and duty, and soar towards the blessed solitude after which you have been longing for so long.

My beloved little sister, I feel more closely united to you than ever. Your sorrows and joys are indeed wholly mine. You can say to yourself at any time: “My little sister in Caen is near me”, because it’s true.

It has been one year today since I joined the Visitation, and one year of manifold graces. Where are the fruits of the progress I have made? I can’t see any. And why? Because I haven’t given myself wholly to my God who is a jealous God and wants all or nothing.