From Léonie to Céline - June 3, 1894. Fragments.

From Léonie to Céline - June 3rd 1894. Fragments. 

Visitation 3rd June 1894

Beloved little sister,

I am hurrying to reply to your dear letter. Yes, I understand how much you have suffered on account of papa (who had suffered a heart attack on Sunday 27th May); you will always find the echo of your suffering in my heart. How could it be otherwise, darling little sister? Have your troubles not been wholly mine own since the beginning of our endless great trial?

The past week has been full of suffering for me: first there was Papa, then you, my darling little sister, for I knew you were ever so unhappy, and lastly the departure of Sr Marguerite-Thérèse (Thérèse Pougheol) whom I love and appreciate more and more. She was a delightful dove whom I liked to copy because she was the model novice and the glory of my beloved Mothers. She has been greatly missed but we hope that God will perhaps give her back to us one day. With the grace of God I too will succeed in being a very humble little violet, inclined to obedience and to practicing the gentleness of a Visitation nun.

My dear little Céline, would you mind asking Uncle for a treatment for eczema. It has come back and is very painful.

Farewell, beloved sister. I am closely united to you in the Heart of the Master, and unique Friend. The rosebushes you sent me for my birthday (3rd June) were right beside the monstrance. They were the two of us two near the Blessed Sacrament. How pleasant it is there, let’s stay there forever!