From Léonie to Mme Guérin - June 26, 1886.

From Léonie to Mrs Guérin - June 26th 1886

Dearest Aunt

If only you knew how touched I was when I read in Marie’s letter that you would have written to me if you hadn’t been afraid of your letter being too heavy. I won’t hear it said that it is your turn to write, I would be ashamed of it; I am very happy to have an opportunity to talk a few moments with my kind Aunt.

It’s tomorrow that the family is celebrating Mr Fournet’s feast day (on Sunday 27ththey would anticipate the feast day of Mr Pierre Fournet, Mrs Guérin’s father). As my uncle forgot to write to you about it, he asked Marie to do it, but she hasn’t the time because she must go to the market, so that’s why I’m taking her place [1 v°] and I do so with pleasure.

We often go to see my uncle, who hasn’t time to be bored, for he is overwhelmed with work. He has even asked Marie to go and help him next week with the bills. If I could, I’d be happy to help my kind uncle, but I’m not intelligent enough for that. He will go and see you on Tuesday or Wednesday with Marie, who is looking forward to it immensely; it will be me next time.

What bliss it is to spend a day with you. I heard that my dear little Marie has been much better since she’s been at the seaside. Tell her I want her to leave her illness in Trouville when she leaves for Lisieux. Tell her and my dear little Jeanne that I’m thinking of them and that I love them very much.

And you, my dear Aunt, I hope you are well, you mustn’t make yourself tired like last [2 r°] year, you must make the most of the good sea air. I hope you have lots of pleasure, fine weather, and yet not too much heat, because you would suffer from it too much.

It is very annoying that you are missing the lovely feast of the Blessed Sacrament; it will seem funny tomorrow not seeing you and not being with you in the procession. I would very much like the month of July to be over, so as to see you back among us, for Lisieux is very sad when you’re not here. However, what makes me accept your absence patiently is the thought that I will go and see you, it is in this hope that I leave you and send you my heartfelt kisses, looking forward to the happy day that I will spend with you.

Your niece, who loves you with all her heart.


Child of Mary

Lisieux 26th June 1886.

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