From Léonie to Mme Guérin - May 31, 1885.

From Léonie to Mrs Guérin – May 31st 1885

Dearest Aunt,

I don’t want to let Marie’s letter go without enclosing a note with it; today I won’t have any excuse and I don’t want to let your holiday in the lovely chalet in Deauville go by without showing you my affection. Yes kind Aunt, I love you, you know I do, and when I remember all the kindness you have shown me, I’m completely at a loss to know how to thank you. I love remembering the four days I spent with you. Those conversations [1 v°] that I had several times with my darling Aunt were so sweet for me! You know what they were about (was it her desire to enter the Benedictine Abbey of Lisieux?).

I must also tell you that your big girl will be turning twenty-two years old next Wednesday, I hope, kind Aunt, that you won’t forget me in your prayers to God, so that He may complete the work He has begun in me.

You will kindly tell my dear little cousins that I send them kisses and that I love them dearly. Please tell Marie that it was dear little Céline (Maudelonde. On this 31stMay she renewed her Solemn Communion) who took the collection today, along with a second communicant who was so kind.

[2 r°] I can’t prolong my letter any longer, I would be afraid of being late for Vespers. I’m sorry to leave you, but I console myself by thinking that soon you will come back and never leave us again, I hope so.

When you see the Miss Pigeons, be kind enough to present them with my respect and to tell Miss Joséphine that I sincerely hope she leaves her headaches at the seaside.

Your little niece who loves you very dearly.


Child of Mary

Lisieux, 31st May 1885.