From Léonie to Mme Guérin - September-October 1883.

From Léonie to Mrs Guérin. Sept. - Oct. 1883 (?)

Darling Aunt,

You are once more in your charming little manor (the country house in Saint Ouen le Pin), but it’s not with us anymore. And to think! I had so much pleasure during the week that I was there, but at this instant I’m there in thought and it’s happily that I come to talk to you for a few moments. I wish you a lovely time and also good weather because it’s impossible to go walking or collect hazelnuts when the weather’s bad and having to stay inside is very annoying especially in the countryside. I hope that you and all the dear little company are well, dear Aunt, and that you will all come [1 v°] back in good health.

Be kind enough, dear Aunt, to tell Jeanne that as soon as she comes back to Lisieux, Madam St. Placide needs to speak privately with her.

I still have many things I’d like to tell you, but I haven’t the time, the clock is striking 11 and I must put my letter in the post. I’d be very happy if I could put myself inside, but since I can’t, I’m sending you my heart, so that you can see how much affection I have for you and for Jeanne and Marie, Marguerite (Maudelonde, also on holiday in Saint-Ouen) and her little sisters whom I also love very tenderly.

Until the day when I’ll have the pleasure of seeing you, my beloved Aunt, I send you all my love and kisses.

You very respectful little daughter.


Child of Mary