The cloister is traditionally a place of strolling, in silence, around the inner courtyard. It was used to go from one wing to another but it was possible to recite the rosary there, to read outside while sheltered from rain. We can see here the cloister next to the garden. 


A recent view of the cloister alongside the infirmary.


At the end of this cloister, on the left, is found the statue of the Child Jesus dear to Thérèse with its original pedestal. On the right, a recent photo of the statue of the Virgin that she was one day seen kissing. The statue is directly across from the Child Jesus. 

cloitre-EJ cloitre-statue-Vierge

The cloister from the Good Shepherd to the recreation room ; Marie Guérin is in front of the refectory entrance.



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