Behind the scenes of the website


Behind the thousands of pages, an amazing work has taken place the last 20 years, with technological developments. 

Typing manuscripts

Creating databases



The originals are very interesting documents but it is not easy to read them if one isn’t familiar with the style of writing at the end of the 19th century. Besides, it is not possible to do computer research with them. Behind each old document put online, don’t forget there are little hands typing them, faithful at decoding old handwriting so that everyone might read and search the text.





We have eighty closed cupboards (closed for preservation purposes). How does one know the detailed contents of those ? How to rapidly find such and such a document? The answer is in the database. Over the years, we have created a computer file for each recorded document that can be searched in different ways. Today it only takes several seconds to find a needle in a haystack.


Digitizing with the scanners




The invention of the scanner led us first of all to scan printed texts, to obtain a “typed” document thanks to the optical recognition of print. Later, it was a number of interesting original documents that were preserved by digitizing, such as original works by Thérèse done on a larger size scanner. Then, with a dual beam laser, in the base and the cover, we digitized our 1600 glass negatives





The introduction of digital photography has permitted to take a step forward by photographing all the objects linked to Thérèse and to her environment. Today they are paperless and easily located among thousands of photos. Corrected with Photoshop, reframed, titled, these photos can be shared thanks to the development of the internet. They can be attached to an important message and be found on the other side of the world in several minutes.


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