LT 7 - To Pauline - July 4 (?), 1881

July 4 (?), 1881

Dear Pauline,

I'm very happy to write to you. I wish you a happy feast, for you know I wasn't able to wish you one on Wednesday, the day of your feast.'

I hope you're enjoying yourself at Houlgate. I would really like to know if you got up on a donkey?

I thank you for giving me holidays while you're at Houlgate. It would please me very much if you were to write Marie, and if you would write me also a short note.

If you only knew about St. Domitia's Day. Aunt put a pink cincture on me, and I threw roses to St. Domitia. Don't show my letter to anyone.

Au revoir, dear little Pauline. I'm kissing you with all my heart. Kiss Marie-Thérèse and little Marguerite for me.

Your little Thérèse, who loves you.

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