LT 102 - To Céline


April 27, 1890


Jesus +

Dear Céline,

I was taking delight in the thought of writing you a long letter for your twenty-first birthday, and now I have hardly a few moments!. , . Céline, could you believe that your Thérèse would forget April 28?. . . Céline, my heart is just filled with memo­ries... it seems I've loved you for centuries, and still it is only for twenty-one years .... But now I have an eternity before me ....

Céline, the lyre of my heart will sing for you on the 28th, and your name will frequently ring in the dear ears of my Jesus!. . . Ah! since our heart is the same, let us give the whole of it to Jesus; we must travel together, for Jesus cannot dwell in half a heart !. . . Ask that your Thérèse not remain behind ....

When I was looking at the image of the Holy Face, tears came into my eyes; isn't it an image of our family? Yes, our family is a branch of lilies, and the Lily without a name dwells in our midst. He dwells there as King, and He is giving us a share in His kingship. His divine Blood moistens our petals, and His thorns, while tearing us, allow the perfume of our love to spread.

Adieu, Céline, they are coming to break off my conversation; understand all.


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