LT 103 - To Agnes of Jesus


LT 103            From Thérèse to Agnes of Jesus.

May 4 (?), 1890


Jesus +

Dear little lamb, my heart follows you into solitude. You know, light lark, that you have a thread on your foot, and, as high as you may soar, you will have to drag your burden . . . but a grain of sand isn't heavy, and it will be lighter if only you ask Jesus .... Oh! how it longs to be reduced to nothing, to be unknown by all creatures. Poor little thing, it desires nothing any longer, nothing but to be forgotten . . . not contempt, insults, this would be too glorious for a grain of sand. Were one to despise it, one would have to see it. But to be forgotten! . . . Yes, I want to be forgotten, and this, not only by creatures but by myself. I'd like to be reduced to nothing to such an extent as to have no desire whatsoever .... The glory of Jesus, that is all; as for my own glory, I abandon it to Him, and, if He seems to forget me, He is free since I am no longer my own but His .... And He will more quickly grow tired of making me wait than I shall grow tired of waiting for Him! . . .

Dear lamb, do you understand?. . . Understand, just the same, what my heart cannot express. You, who are a luminous light that Jesus gave me to light up my steps in the dark paths of this ex­ile, take pity on my weakness, hide me under your veil in order that I may share in your light .... Tell Jesus to look at me so that the belles-de-nuit may penetrate with their bright rays the heart of the grain of sand, and, if this be not too much, ask Him, too, that the Flower of flowers may open its petals and that the melo­dious sound coming from it may make its hidden teachings vi­brate within my heart... Dear lamb, don't forget the grain of sand!. . .


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