LT 106 - To Agnes of Jesus

LT 106 From Thérèse to Agnes of Jesus.


May 10, 1890



Dear lamb, still one more day and you will come back to fight on the plain! .. . The little lamb will again find its Mam­ma. . . . How happy I am to be always a prisoner in Carmel; I have no desire to go to Lourdes to have ecstasies. I prefer (the monotony of sacrifice)! What a joy to be so hidden that nobody thinks of you! .. . To be unknown even to persons with whom you live         

Dear lamb, how I thank Jesus for having given me to you, for making you understand my soul so well! ... I cannot tell you all I am thinking about.... Ah! HEAVEN!!!!!! Then a single glance and all will be understood! . . .

Silence, this is the language that alone can tell you what is hap­pening in my soul! ...

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