LT 109 - To Marie Guérin

LT 109                  From Thérèse to Marie Guérin.

July 27-29, 1890


Jesus+                                                           Carmel, July '90


My dear little Marie,


Thank God for all the graces He is giving you, and don't be so ungrateful as not to acknowledge them. You give me the impression of a little country girl to whom a powerful king should come and ask her to marry him, and she would not dare to accept under the pretext that she is not rich enough and schooled enough in the ways of the court, without realizing that her royal fiancé is aware of her poverty and weakness much better than she is herself .... Marie, if you are nothing, you must not forget that Jesus is All, so you must lose your little nothingness in His infinite All and think only of this uniquely lovable All.... Neither ought you desire to see the fruit gathered from your efforts, for Jesus is pleased to keep for Himself alone these little nothings that console Him .... You are mistaken, my darling, if you believe that your little Thérèse walks always with fervor on the road of virtue. She is weak and very weak, and every day she has a new experience of this weakness, but, Marie, Jesus is pleased to teach her, as He did St. Paul, the science of rejoicing in her infirmities. This is a great grace, and I beg Jesus to teach it to you, for peace and quiet of heart are to be found there only. When we see ourselves as so miserable, then we no longer wish to consider ourselves, and we look only on the unique Beloved!. . .

Dear little Marie, as for myself, I know no other means of reaching perfection but (love). . . . Love, how well our heart is made for that!. . . Sometimes, I seek for another word to express love, but on this earth of exile words are powerless to express all the soul's vibrations, so we have to keep to this one word: (love!). ..

But upon whom will our poor heart hungry for love bestow it?.. . Ah, who will be big enough for this . . . will a human per­son be able to understand it. . . and, above all, will he know how to return it? Marie, there is only one Being who can understand the profundity of this word: Love!. . . It is only our Jesus who knows how to return infinitely more than we give Him ....

Marie of the Blessed Sacrament!. .. Your name speaks your mission .... Console Jesus, make Him loved by souls .... Jesus is sick, and we must state that the sickness of love is healed only through love! . .. Marie, really give your whole heart to Jesus, He is thirsty for it, He is hungry for it. Your heart, that is what He longs for, even to the point that to have it for Himself He con­sents to lodge under a dirty and hidden nook! . . . Ah! how not love a Friend who reduces Himself to such extreme indigence, and how does one dare speak of one's poverty when Jesus makes Himself like His fiancée .... He was rich and He made Himself poor in order to unite His poverty to the poverty of Marie of the Blessed Sacrament .... What a mystery of love! ...

All my love to the dear colony.

My heart is always with Marie of the Blessed Sacrament; the Tabernacle is the house of love where our two souls are en­closed .... Your little sister who begs you not to forget her in your prayers.

Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus of the Holy Face


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