LT 110 - To Agnes of Jesus

LT 110                 From Thérèse to Agnes of Jesus.

August 30-31, 1890


Jesus +

My own little Mamma, thank you, oh, thank you!. .. If you on­ly knew what your letter says to my soul!...

But the little hermit must tell you the itinerary of her trip and here it is. Before she left, her Fiancé seemed to ask her in what country she desired to travel, what route she desired to follow, etc., etc. ... The little fiancée answered that she had but one desire, that of being taken to the summit of the mountain of Love. To reach it many routes were offered to her, and there were so many perfect ones that she saw she was incapable of choosing. Then she said to her divine guide: "You know where I want to go, You know for whom I want to climb the mountain, for whom I want to reach the goal. You know the one whom I love and the one whom I want to please solely; it is for Him alone that I am undertaking this journey. Lead me, then, by the paths which He loves to travel. I shall be at the height of my joy provided that He is pleased. Then Jesus took me by the hand, and He made me enter a subterranean passage where it is neither cold nor hot where the sun does not shine, and in which the rain or the wind does not visit, a subterranean passage where I see nothing but a half-veiled light, the light which was diffused by the lowered eyes of my Fiancé's Face !. ..

My Fiancé says nothing to me, and I say nothing to Him either except that I love Him more than myself, and I feel at the bottom of my heart that it is true, for I am more His than my own!. .. I don't see that we are advancing towards the summit of the moun­tain since our journey is being made underground, but it seems to me that we are approaching it without knowing how. The route on which I am has no consolation for me, and nevertheless it brings me all consolations since Jesus is the one who chose it, and I want to console Him alone, alone!. . . Ah, it's true that if I'm giving Him the wine from my heart, it is between the B and the A, for I don't understand it myself.

Must I write to M. le Pelletier and M. Révérony that I am making Profession?. . .

Above all, don't forget to go into the cellar to take some of your wine, and when you take it, think of your little daughter, who surely no longer drinks of the good, sweet wine of Engaddi. .. Ask that she be able to give some to her Spouse by saving souls, and she will be consoled ....


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