LT 11 - To Agnes of Jesus - March 1-6, 1884

March 1-6, 1884

My dear little Pauline,

I had really thought about writing you to thank you for your delightful little book, but I believed it was not permitted during lent. However, now that I know it is permitted, I thank you with all my heart.

You don't know the joy I felt when Marie showed me your pret­ty little book. I found it delightful. I had never seen anything so beautiful, and I was unable to grow tired looking at it. What nice prayers there were at the beginning! I recited them to little Jesus with all my heart. Every day, I try to perform as many practices as I can, and I do all in my power not to let a single occasion pass by. I am saying at the bottom of my heart the little prayers which form the perfume of roses, as often as I can.

What a beautiful picture it has at the beginning! It's a little dove giving its heart to little Jesus. Well! I, too, want to adorn my heart with all the beautiful flowers I will meet in order to offer it to little Jesus on the day of my First Communion, and I desire, in fact, just as it says in the little prayer at the beginning of the book, that little Jesus be so pleased in my heart that He will not think of going back to heaven....

Thank Sister Thérèse of St. Augustine for me for her pretty lit­tle chaplet of practices and for having embroidered the beautiful cover of my book. Kiss Mother Marie de Gonzague for me and tell her that her little daughter loves her with all her heart.

Léonie and Céline kiss you. Au revoir, dear little Pauline. I kiss you with all my heart.
Your little girl, who loves you very much.

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