LT 126 - To Céline



LT 126                From Thérèse to Celine.

April 3, 1891


Jesus                                                                    April 3, 1891

Dear little Céline,

We saw Marguerite M. this afternoon. I do not have time to speak to you in detail about this visit, and I cannot tell you the good it did to my soul.... Ah, Céline, how blessed we are for having been chosen by the Spouse of Virgins!... Marguerite confided to us in­timate secrets that she tells no one. We really must pray for her, for she is exposed to danger.... She says that no book does her any good. I thought that the mysteries of the future life would do her some good and would strengthen her faith which, alas, is really en­dangered! ... She told us she could read books without her husband's knowing it.

You should give her that book, telling her that we thought it would interest her, but to begin it only at the third chapter where there is a little holy picture, because the first three chapters would have lit­tle interest for her. I believe it would be better if you did not seem to be acquainted with this book and to be simply carrying out a re­quest, for she would be embarrassed if she knew we had spoken one word of her confidences. We would prefer that Mme. Maudelonde and Aunt do not know that we are lending this book to Marguerite. However, do the best you can, and tell her to keep it as long as she wants.... If you cannot give it to her without being seen, it would perhaps be better to do nothing; try at least to speak to her about it. As for myself, I have the greatest desire that she read a book in which she will really find the answer to many doubts!.. I believe this will be a work very pleasing to God. He gave this idea to me, but you know Thérèse can do nothing without Céline; the two are needed to do a complete work, so it is up to Céline to finish what Thérèse has begun!... Céline... if you only knew how I love you and how my love for you is pure!...

Dear Céline, your little Thérèse remains always with you since you are in her heart, and you are half her heart…

Thérèse of the Child Jesus of the Holy Face rel. carm. ind.

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