LT 146 - To Mme Guérin

Au Carmel le 10 Août 93


LT 146                 From Thérèse to Mme. Guérin.

August 10, 1893


Jesus                                                     Carmel, August 10, '93

Dear Aunt,

I saw with pleasure that you were able to divine your little daughter's heart. However, I do not want my beautiful handwriting to lose the honor of being admired at the chateau de la Musse! So I was happy when our good Mother entrusted me with the sweet mis­sion of answering your letter.

Oh! dear Aunt, each of the lines you wrote reveals your heart to me, that of the most loving of mothers, but your little daughter's heart, too, is a child's heart filled with love and gratitude. I am begging God to cure dear Uncle. Truly it seems to me this prayer cannot fail to be answered since Our Lord Himself is interested in this cure. Is it not for His glory that Uncle's hand never grows tired of writing these admirable pages which must save souls and make demons tremble?

I hope we are already answered and that you are enjoying in peace the last days remaining to you to be spent in your beautiful chateau. How happy Jeanne must be when enjoying at her ease Francis’ presence, she who is so deprived of it at Caen!" I have really prayed so that the ugly sprain may disappear completely, for this must have been a heavy cloud in Jeanne's blue heaven.

I am thinking, too, of my little sister Marie. It seems to be that since she has placed her abode in the treetops, I must appear to her very little and insignificant. When approaching the heavens, we discover marvels that are not met in the humble valley. She will say I am naughty, but this will not stop me from receiving Holy Com­munion for her Highness on her feast day…--------------

I cannot tell you, dear Aunt, the joy I experience when thinking my dear Father is in your midst, laden with affection and care. God has done the same for him as for His servant Job; after having humbled him, He is showering His favors upon him, and it is by means of you that all these good things and this affection are given to him.

Dear little Aunt, I still have many things to tell you, but I have no more space, and it is not respectful to end in this way across a letter. Pardon me, dear Aunt, and understand all the things I would like to write, as well as to the whole family.

Mother Marie de Gonzague and our Mother send you a thousand regards. They are happy to think Madame de Virville will be meeting you.

I kiss you with my whole heart, dear Aunt, and I am always,

Your respectful little daughter, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus rel. carm. ind.

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