LT 148 - To Léonie

Au Carmel le 13 Août 93


LT 148                From Thérèse to Léonie.

August 13, 1893


Dear Léonie,


Carmel, August 13, '93

Perhaps you are thinking your little Thérése is forgetting you? Oh, no you know her heart too well to think that. I would have liked to write you at the same time as our Mother and Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart, but there was a misunderstanding, and their letter left earlier than I thought. Today, I am coming to take my revenge and to spend a short moment with you.

If you only knew, dear little Léonie, the thanksgivings I am send­ing to heaven for the favor that God has granted to you. At last your desires are fulfilled. Like the dove released from the ark, you could find on the soil of this world nowhere to rest your foot, you flew for a long time, seeking to reenter the blessed home in which your heart had forever fixed its abode. Jesus made you wait, but finally the moanings of His dove touched Him, and He extended His divine hand, and taking His fiancee, He placed her on His Heart in the tabernacle of His love.

The prediction of our holy Aunt is, then, now realized. The child of Blessed Margaret Mary is at the Visitation, and she will be the spouse of Our Lord forever.

Oh! no doubt my joy is entirely spiritual, since from now on I must no longer see here below my dear Léonie, I must no longer hear her voice or pour my heart into hers. But I know this earth is the place of our exile, we are voyagers who are travelling toward our homeland. What does it matter if the route we follow is not the same since the only goal will be heaven. There we shall be reunited never to leave each other, there we shall taste family joys eternally. We shall find our dear Father again, who will be surrounded with glory and honor for his perfect fidelity and especially for the humilia­tions that were showered upon him; we shall see our good Mother, who will rejoice at the trials that were our lot during life's exile; we shall take delight in her happiness as she contemplates her five religious daughters, and we shall form, along with the four little angels who await us up above, a crown adorning the heads of our dear Parents.

Dear little Sister, you see the share I am taking in your joy. I know that it is great but also that sacrifices do not fail to accompany it; without them, would the religious life be meritorious? No, certainly not. On the contrary, it is the little crosses that are our whole joy; they are more common than big ones and prepare the heart to receive the latter when this is the will of our good Master.

I beg you, dear Léonie, to remember me to your Reverend Mother, for whom I have retained a filial affection since the day I had the honor of meeting her." Am I not a little part of her family since you her daughter and I your unworthy little sister?...

Our Mother, Mother Marie de Gonzague, and Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart want to be remembered to Mother Superior and send their dear Léonie best wishes for your happiness.

Do not forget in your prayers, dear Sister, the littlest Carmelite, who is really united to you in the heart of the Blessed Virgin.

Sister Thérèse of the Child of the Holy Face rel. carm. ind.

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