LT 152 - To Mme Guérin

Au Carmel le 17 Novembre 93


LT 152                From Thérèse to Mme Guérin.

November 17, 1893


Jesus                                                Carmel, November 17, '93

Dear Aunt,

How sweet for your little Thérèse to come each year to offer you her wishes for a happy feast!

I have nothing new, however, to say to you; you know, for a long time now, how much I love you.

Dear little Aunt, when repeating it, I have no fear of boring you, this is the reason making me think this way. When I am before the Tabernacle, I can say only one thing to Our Lord: "My God, you know that I love You.'" And I feel my prayer does not tire Jesus; lowing the helplessness of His poor little spouse, He is content with her good will. I know, too, that God has poured something of the love overflowing His Heart into the hearts of mothers.. .. And the one to whom I am speaking has received such a large measure of maternal love that I cannot have any fear of being misunder­stood           

Besides, my helplessness will not last eternally; in the heavenly homeland, I shall be able to say many things to dear little Aunt that cannot be expressed in human words.

In the meanwhile, I beg Our Lord to leave for a very, very long time on earth the one who can work so well for His glory, and I want her to see the children of her grandchildren. Perhaps my little sister Jeanne would laugh if she were to read these lines, but I have much more confidence than she has, and I am awaiting the great saint and the great pontiff, followed by a great number of other little angels.

Dear Aunt, tomorrow I will offer my Holy Communion for you and also for Madame Fournet, I think very often of her and beg our Lord to preserve her a long time still for your sake.

I beg you, dear Aunt, to kiss Uncle for me, and I ask him as well as my little sisters to give you the most tender caresses for me.

Your little Benjamin, who is proud of her title.

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