LT 154 - To Léonie

Au Carmel le 27 Décembre 1893


LT 154               From Thérèse to Léonie.

December 27, 1893


Jesus                                              Carmel, December 27, 1893

Dear Léonie,

I am happy to come to offer my best wishes for '94. The wish I am making at Jesus' cradle is to see you clothed again soon in the holy Habit of the Visitation. I say to see you, but I know I shall have this joy only in heaven; what a joy, then, to find each other once more after the exile of life!...

What things to tell each other! Here below, words are powerless, but up above one single glance will suffice to understand one another, and I believe our happiness will be greater than if we had not been separated from one another.

Your dear little letter pleased me very much. I see that you are truly happy, and I do not doubt that God is giving you the grace of remaining forever in the holy ark. We are reading, in the refec­tory, the Life of Saint Chantal. It is a real consolation for me to listen to it; this brings me even closer to the dear Visitation that I love so much, and then I see the intimate union that has always ex­ited between it and Carmel. This makes me bless God for having chosen these two Orders for our family. The Blessed Virgin is truly Our Mother since our monasteries are dedicated particularly to her

Dear little Sister, do not forget to pray for me during dear little Jesus' month; ask Him that I remain always little, very little!... I will offer the same prayer for you, for I know your desires, and I know humility is your preferred virtue.

Do not forget, dear Léonie, to offer my respectful good wishes to your reverend Mother, and believe in the sincere affection of the last and littlest of your sisters.

Thérèse of the Child Jesus of the Holy Face rel. carm. ind.

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