LT 157 - To Céline

LT 157

March or May, 1894

From Thérèse to Celine.



The codfiches please our Mother very much. She would like to write a note to thank her dear Céline, but she cannot do it. She is also very happy about Marie's letter.

Let the little exile be sad without being sad, for if the tenderness of creatures is not concentrated on her, the tenderness of Jesus is totally CONCENTRATED on her. Now that Céline is without a home, Jesus Himself is well lodged. He is content to see His dear spouse wandering, this pleases Him! Why?... I myself know nothing about it.... This is Jesus' secret, but I believe He is preparing very beautiful things in His little house… He has to work so much that He seems to forget His dear Céline.. .but, no, without being seen by her, he is looking at her through the window… He is pleased to see her in the desert, having no other duty but to love while suf­fering, without even feeling that she loves!... Jesus knows that life is only a dream, so He is taking delight in seeing His spouse weep­ing on the banks of the river of Babylon! Soon the day will come when Jesus will take His Céline by the hand and will have her enter her little house which will have become an eternal palace.. . . Then He will say: " 'Now, my turn.' You have given me on earth the only home that every human heart is unwilling to renounce, that is, yourself, and now I am giving you as a dwelling my eternal substance, that is, "Myself." This is your house for all eternity. During the night of life, you have been homeless and solitary, now you will have a companion, and it is I, Jesus, your Spouse, your Friend, for whom you sacrificed all, who will be this Companion, who must fill you with joy from age to age!..."


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