LT 160 - To Sister Marie-AIoysia Vallée



LT 160             From Thérèse to Sister Marie-AIoysia Vallée.

April 3, 1894


Jesus                                                               April 3, 1894

Dearest Sister,

I am unable to tell you how much your kind letter touched me. It was a great joy for me to know the painting of the little Jesus pleased you, and I was rewarded beyond all my hopes.... Dear Aunt, allow me to give you this name, I was thinking of you when I was meditating on the gift I wanted to offer our Reverend Mother for her first feast day as Prioress.

I knew she would be happy to send you a little souvenir, so I put all my heart into composing The dream of the little Jesus. But, alas! my unskilled brush was not able to reproduce what my soul dreamed about. I watered my little Jesus' white dress with my tears, which did not bring down a heavenly ray on His little face! ... In my grief, I promised myself to say nothing of the thought that had inspired me to undertake my work. In fact, it was only after seeing our good Mother's indulgence that I confided my secret to her. She was will­ing to look at my heart and my intention rather than at her child's skill, and to my great joy my little Jesus has gone for me to meet good Aunt at Le Mans. I painted this divine Child in order to show what He is in my eyes.... In fact, He is almost always sleeping.... poor Thérèse's Jesus does not caress her as He used to caress her Holy Mother. This is very natural, for the daughter is so unworthy of the Mother!. .. However, Jesus' little closed eyes speak volumes to my soul," and since He does not caress me, I take care to please Him. I know well that His Heart is always watching and in the homeland of the heavens He will deign to open His divine eyes... Then when seeing Jesus, I shall also have the happiness of con­templating my good Mothers of the Visitation, next to Him. I trust they will be willing to recognize me as their child. Are they not my Mothers, in fact, those who fashioned the hearts of the two visible angels who served me as real Mothers! . ..

I remember perfectly my trip to the Visitation at Le Mans at the age of three; 1 have repeated it many times in my heart, and Carmel's grille is not an obstacle preventing me from visiting dear Aunt and all the reverend Mothers who love little Thérèse of the Child Jesus without knowing her.

I beg you, good Aunt, to pay your little niece's debt of gratitude by thanking your Reverend Mother and all your dear Sisters, especial­ly Sister Joseph de Sales, whose affectionate regards really touched me.

VERY DEAR AUNT, I would like to talk with you for a long time, but I am at the end of my paper, and I am obliged to leave you, begging your pardon!.. .

Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus, Your unworthy little niece


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