LT 172 - To Mme Guérin



LT 172

From Thérèse to Mme Guérin.

November 17, 1894



November 17, 1894

Dear Aunt,

It is with soul still fragrant from Uncle's beautiful letter to Sister Marie-Madeleine that I come to wish you a happy feast.

Oh, dear little Aunt! if you knew how proud I am to have relatives like you!... I am happy to see God so well served by those whom I love, and I wonder why He gave me the grace of belonging to such a beautiful family....

It seems to me Jesus comes to rest with delight in your home just as He did in the past at Bethany. It is truly "the divine Beggar of love" who is asking hospitality and who says "thank you" by always asking more and more in proportion to the gifts He receives. He feels the hearts to whom He directs Himself understand "that the greatest honor God may bestow on a soul is not to give it much but to ask much from it."

So how sweet it will be one day for you, dear Aunt, to hear yourself being given the name mother by Jesus Himself!... Yes, you are truly His mother, He assures us of this in the Gospel in these words: "The one who does the will of my Father is my mother.'" And you have not only done His will, but you are giving Him six of your children to be His spouses!... Thus you are His mother six times over, and the angels of heaven might address these beautiful words to you: "You will rejoice in your children because all will be blessed and they will be reunited in the Lord." Yes, all are blessed, and in heaven, oh, dear Aunt, your crown will be made up of roses and Lilies....

The two roses which will sparkle in the middle will not be its least ornament. These are the ones who on earth have copied your vir­tues in order to perfume this sad world and that God might still en­counter here below some flowers that charm Him and hold back His arm which would punish the wicked....

Dear little Aunt, I wanted to speak to you at length.. .but they are coming to get my letter; I have time only to assure you again of all my love. I am thinking, too, of our dear Grandmamma's feast day, and I beg you to hug her tightly for me.

Your little daughter, Thérèse of the Child Jesus rel. carm. ind.

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