LT 194 - To Sister Marie of Saint-Joseph

LT 194                From Thérèse to Sister Marie of Saint-Joseph.


September 8-17, 1896

I am delighted with the little child, and the one who carries her in His arms is still more delighted than I. Ah! how beautiful is the little child's vocation! It is not one mission that she must evangelize but all missions. How will she do this?... By loving, by sleeping, by THROWING FLOWERS to Jesus when He is asleep. Then Jesus will take these flowers, and, giving them an inestimable value, He will throw them in His turn; He will have them fly over all shores and will save souls (with the flowers, with the love of the little child, who will see nothing but will always smile even through her tears!... (A child, a missionary, and even a warrior, what a marvel!)


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