LT 199 - To Sister Marie of Saint-Joseph

LT 199 From Thérèse to Sister Marie of Saint-Joseph.

October 20-30 (?), 1896


Stay awake, naughty little brother? .. .No, a thousand times no!... I am not surprised at little brother's combats, but only that he loses his little bit of strength by surrendering his arms to the first corporal who is in his way, and even that he pursues him on the stairs of the barracks to make him give up the very last piece of armor.

Why is it surprising then that a strong ray of sun (ordinarily borne with courage), falling on the little disarmed soldier, should burn him and give him a fever?...

For his punishment, his little brother condemns him to shut himself up in the prison of love and to sleep like a little saint; but first he must use his musical instrument of penance" this evening!...

If not, little brother will be sad.

(Above all, do not stay awake! Tomorrow, we shall pull our arms out of joint together! ...)

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