LT 25 - To Marie Guerin - July 14, 1887

Aux Buissonnets, July 14, 1887

My good little Marie,

I received your dear little letter just this minute, and I'm still laughing when thinking of all you're telling me. Well, then, you naughty little thing, I must first begin by scolding you. Why did you take your face again to the sculptor? He has really done a fine job on it!. . . I was really sorry when I learned your naughty little cheeks had once again taken on the form of a balloon. However, experience should have taught you. It seemed to me that you had enough the first time.

I'm happy that Aunt is doing better. I was dismayed when I learned that she was ailing; truly, God is sending you many trials this year.

This week we're no longer cheerful at Les Buissonnets; it's the last week that Léonie is spending with us. The days are passing by rapidly, and she has only two more days with us.

However, what do you expect, my poor darling? A certain joy is mixed with my sorrow, and I am happy to see dear Léonie finally in her element; yes, I believe that there only will she be happy. In the Visitation, she will find what she is missing in the world.

Céline is mourning her two little finches; the male rejoined his companion the next morning, and now its mortal remains are at the taxidermist's. I trust, my darling, that the end of your visit to Trouville will be happier than its beginning. I hope that God, who has so tried you, is now going to give you very much joy.

Céline is sorry she is unable to write to Jeanne, but she is so busy with all Léonie's preparations that it is impossible. Tell Jeanne that she could not imagine how touched Léonie was by her letter and yours, too. She kisses you with her whole heart as well as dear little Aunt. Kiss Jeanne for me. Tell Aunt how much I love her, and keep for yourself a great part of my kisses. (I heard about the letter from Carmel; it seems it was very amusing.) Papa sends you all his love, and especially to his dear goddaughter.


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