LT 26 - To Marie Guerin - August 18, 1887

Aux Buissonnets, August 18, '87

Dear little Marie,

Uncle just told me that you were sick. You naughty little thing, as soon as you can have a little bit of pleasure, you hurry to get sick. You're fortunate that I'm far from you, otherwise you would have to deal with me....

And how is good Aunt? Always better, I hope. Alas, how things turn out just the opposite of what we imagine. I was picturing you running happily in the park, looking at the fish, enjoying yourself very much with Jeanne; in a word, I thought you were liv­ing the life of a lady. But instead of this, you're living the life of a patient there. Oh! my darling, I pity you with all my heart, but you must not be discouraged, for you still have time for outings and to enjoy yourself. You have only to leave your bedroom quickly which, though beautiful and gilded, is + nothing but a beautiful Cage for the little bird that would like to hop in the beautiful Sun it sees through the bars +. (I notice that I just put the cart before the horse; I beg you to understand the little crosses which I placed in the preceding sentence.)

Yes, my DARLING little sister, you need the fresh air of the park just like the little birds. When you return to us, you must be fresh like a pretty rose which has just bloomed. Oh! my darling, I want, when speaking of roses, to kiss your cheeks. They are not perhaps roses, but I love a beautiful white rose as much as a red rose. Take care to make your little cheeks less white and ask Jeanne to kiss them for me. Tell her that I'm thinking very much about her, too, and I am sending her a kiss with all my heart. Dear Marie, I've let my pen run like a little fool, and it has written things which are hardly easy to read or understand. I beg you to blame the pen only for these ugly things, but what I don't want you to attribute to the pen is the affection your little sister has for you.

Kiss dear Aunt for me, whom I love with my whole heart.
Adieu, dear little sister. I am sending you a kiss with the recom­mendation to cure yourself quickly in order to have a little bit of pleasure.
Your sister, who loves you,
Thérèse e.M.

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