LT 216 - To Mother Agnes of Jesus


LT 216                From Thérèse to Mother Agnes of Jesus.

January 9, 1897



January 9, 1897


Dear little Mother, if you only knew how much I was touched when seeing the degree to which you love me!. . . Oh! never would I be able to show you my gratitude here below.... I hope to go soon up above.' Since "if there is a heaven, it is for me," 1 shall be rich, I shall have all God's treasures, and He Himself will be my good, then I shall be able to return to you a hundredfold all I owe you. Oh, I am looking forward to it.... It troubles me so much to be always receiving without ever giving.

I would have liked not to have seen little Mother's tears flowing, but what I was happy to see was the good effect they produced, it was like magic. Ah, I am not vexed at anyone when my little Mother is scowled at, for I see only too well that the Sisters are merely in­struments placed in the way by Jesus Himself so that little Mother's way (in little Thérèse's eyes) resemble the one He has chosen for Himself when He was a traveller on the earth of exile.... Then His face was as though hidden, no one recognized Him, He was an ob­ject of contempt. ... Little Mother is not an object of contempt, but very few recognize her because Jesus has hidden her face! ...

Oh, Mother, how beautiful is your lot!... It is truly worthy of you, the privileged one of our family, of you who show us the way just as the little swallow that we see always at the head of his com­panions, tracing out, in the air, the way that must lead them to their new homeland.

Oh! understand the affection of YOUR little girl, who would like to tell you so many, so many things!


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