LT 225 - to sr Anne of the Sacred Heart - May 2, 1897.

Professed in the Saigon Carmel (1876), Sister Anne had desired to come to the Lisieux Carmel where she remained from 1883 to 1895.


May 2, Feast of the Good Shepherd 1897


Very dear Sister,

You will undoubtedly be very much surprised to receive a letter from me. So that you may pardon me for coming to disturb the silence of your solitude, I shall tell you how it happens I have the pleasure of writing you. The last time I went for spiritual direction from our good Mother, we spoke about you and the dear Saigon Carmel. Our Mother told me she was allowing me to write you if this pleased me. I accepted this suggestion with joy, and I am tak­ing advantage of the free day for the feast of the Good Shepherd to come and speak for a few moments with you.

I hope, dear Sister, you have not forgotten me; as for myself, I think often of you. I recall with joy the years I spent in your com­pany, and you know, for a Carmelite to think of a person whom she loves is to pray for her. I ask God to bestow His graces upon you and to increase each day His holy love in your heart. I do not doubt, however, that you possess this love to an eminent degree. The hot sun of Saigon is nothing in comparison with the fire burn­ing in your soul. Oh, Sister! I beg you, ask Jesus that I myself also may love Him and that I may make Him loved. I would like to love Him not with an ordinary love but like the Saints who did foolish things for Him. Alas! how far I am from being like them!...

Ask Jesus, too, that I may always do His will; for this 1 am ready to traverse the world ... I am ready also to die!

The silence is about to end now; I must terminate my letter, and I see I have told you nothing interesting. Fortunately, the letters from our Mothers are here to give you all the news of our Carmel. Our free day has been very short, but if it does not bore you, I shall come back to speak with you at greater length on another occasion.

Please, very dear Sister, offer my respectful and filial regards to your Reverend Mother. She does not know me, but I often hear our good Mother speak of her. I love her, and I pray to Jesus to console her in her trials.

I leave you, dear Sister, remaining united with you in the Heart of Jesus; there I am happy to call myself forever,

Your very little sister, Thérèse of the Child Jesus of the Holy Face rel. carm. ind.

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