LT 229 - to Mother Agnes of Jesus - May 23, 1897.


I really fear I have grieved my little Mother. ... Ah! I who would have liked to be her little joy, I feel, on the contrary, I am her little sorrow.

Yes, but! when I shall be far away from this sad earth where flowers fade, where birds fly away, I shall be very close to my dear Mother, to the angel whom Jesus sent before me to prepare the way, the way leading to heaven, the elevator lifting me without fatigue to the infinite regions of love.... Yes, 1 shall be very close to her and this without leaving the homeland, for I will not be the one to come down, but my little Mother will be the one to come up where I shall be.. .. Oh! if I could, like her, express what I am thinking, if I only knew how to tell her how much my heart overflows with gratitude and love for her, I believe I would already be her little joy even before being far away from this sad earth.

Dear little Mother, the good you have done to my soul, you have done to Jesus, for He said: "What you have done to the least of my brethren, you have done to me...." And I am the one who is the least!...


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