LT 230 - to Mother Agnes of Jesus - May 28, 1897.


Dear little Mother,

Your little girl has again shed sweet tears just now, tears of repentance but more so of gratitude and love.... Ah! this evening I showed my virtue, my TREASURES of patience!... And I who preach so well to others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am happy you saw my imperfection. Ah, the good it does me for having been bad!... You did not scold your little girl, nevertheless, she deserved it; but your little girl is accustomed to this, your gentleness speaks more to her than severe words; you are the image of God's mercy for her. Yes, but...Sister St. John the Baptist, on the contrary is usually the image of God's severity. Well, I just met her, and in­stead of passing coldly by my side, she embraced me, saying: (ab­solutely as though I had been the best girl in the world) "Poor little Sister, I felt sorry for you, I do not want to tire you out, I was wrong, etc., etc..." I, who felt contrition in my heart, was astonished at her not reproaching me in any way. I know that basically she must find me imperfect; it is because she believes I am going to die that she has spoken this way to me, but it does not matter. I heard only gentle and tender words coming from her mouth, and I found her very good and myself very bad.... When reentering our cell, I was wondering what Jesus was thinking of me, and immediately I recalled these words He addressed one day to the adulterous woman: "Has no one condemned you?'" And I, tears in my eyes, answered Him: "No one, Lord. Neither my little Mother, image of Your tenderness, nor Sister St. John the Baptist, image of your justice, and I really feel I can go in peace, for You will not condemn me either!...Little Mother, why, then, is God Jesus so gentle towards me? Why does He never scold me?... Ah! truly, it is enough to make me die of gratitude and love!...

I am happier for having been imperfect than if, sustained by grace, I had been a model of meekness.... This does me much good to see Jesus is always so gentle, so tender to me!... Ah! from this mo­ment, I know it: yes, all my hopes will be realized.. .yes, the Lord will do for us marvels that will infinitely surpass our immense desiresl

Little Mother, Jesus does well to hide Himself, to talk to me only from time to time, and "through the lattices" (Canticle of Can­ticles), for I feel I would be unable to bear any more, my heart would break, being powerless to contain so much joy.... Ah! you, the sweet Echo of my soul, you will understand that this evening the vessel of divine Mercy overflowed for me!... You will understand that you have been and always will be the Angel charged with leading me and announcing to me the mercies of the Lord!...

Your very little girl, Thérèse of the Child Jesus of the Holy Face rel. carm. ind.


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