LT 232 - to Mother Agnes of Jesus - May 30, 1897.


I placed my first note in the hands of Sister Geneviève just as she was giving me yours. I regret now having posted my missive, but I shall pay double postage to tell you that I really understand your sorrow. I wanted, more than you perhaps, to hide nothing from you, but it seemed to me that I had to wait. If I did any wrong, pardon me, and believe that never did I fail in my confidence in you!... Ah! I love you too much for that!... I am very happy that you have understood. I do not recall having hidden anything else of the envelope from my little Mother, and I beg her, after my death, not to believe what anyone will say to her. Oh! little Mother, the letter is yours. I beg you, continue writing it until the day when Jesus will tear up completely the little envelope that has caused you so much grief ever since it was made!... 

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