LT 251 - to sr Martha of Jesus - June-July (?), 1897.

June-July (?), 1897


The little spouse of Jesus must not be sad, for Jesus would be sad too. She must always sing in her heart the canticle of love, she must forget her little sorrows to give solace to the great sorrows of her Spouse.

Dear little Sister, do not be a sad little girl when seeing you are not understood, that you are judged badly, that you are forgotten, but lay a trap for everybody by taking care to do like others, or rather by doing for yourself what others are doing for you, that is, forget all that is not Jesus, forget YOURSELF for His love!... Dear little Sister, do not say that this is difficult; if I speak in this way, it is your fault, for you told me that you loved Jesus very much, and nothing seems impossible to the soul that loves. ...

Be assured that your note pleased me very much! ...

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