LT 253 - to Fr. Bellière - July 13, 1897.


July 13, 1897


Dear little Brother,

Perhaps when you read this note, I shall no longer be on earth but in the bosom of eternal delights! I do not know the future; however, I can tell you with certainty that the Bridegroom is at the door, and a miracle would be needed to keep me in the exile, and I do not think Jesus will perform this useless miracle.

Oh, dear little Brother, how happy I am to die! Yes, I am happy, not at being delivered from sufferings here below (suffering united to love is, on the contrary, the only thing that appears to me desirable in this valley of tears). I am happy to die because I feel that such is God's will, and that much more than here below I shall be useful to souls who are dear to me, to your own in particular. You were asking in your last letter to our Mother that I write you often during your vacation. If the Lord wills to prolong my pilgrimage for several weeks more and if our good Mother allows it, I shall be able to scribble some notes to you like this one; but it is more probable that I shall do more than write my dear little Brother, more even than speak to him in the fatiguing language of this earth I shall be very close to him, I shall see all that is necessary for him, and I shall leave no rest to God if He does not give me all I shall want!... When my dear little Brother leaves for Africa, I shall follow him no longer by thought, by prayer; my soul will be always with him, and his faith will be able to discover the presence of a little sister whom Jesus gave him, not to be his support for barely two years but right up to the last day of his life.

All these promises, Brother, may perhaps appear to you a little bit chimerical; however, you must begin to realize that God has always treated me like a spoiled child. It is true that His Cross has followed me from the cradle, but this Cross Jesus has made me love with a passion. He has always made me desire what He wanted to give me. Will He begin, then, in heaven to carry out my desires no longer? Truly, I cannot believe it, and I say: "Soon, little Brother, I shall be near you."

Ah, I beg you, pray very much for me, prayers are so necessary for me at this moment; but above all pray for our Mother. She would have liked to hold me back here below for still a long time, and to obtain it this venerable Mother has had a novena of Masses offered to Notre-Dame des Victoires, who had already cured me in my childhood; but I, feeling that the miracle would not take place, asked and obtained from the Blessed Virgin that she console my Mother's heart a little, or rather that she make her consent to Jesus' taking me away to heaven.

A Dieu, little Brother, à bientôt au revoir in this beautiful heaven.'

Thérèse of the Child Jesus of the Holy Face rel. carm.

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