LT 255 - to M. and Mme Guérin - July 16, 1897.


Jesus                                                             July 16, 1897

Dear Uncle and dear Aunt,

I am very happy to prove to you that your little Thérèse has not yet left the exile, for I know this will please you. However, it seems to me, dear Relatives, your joy will be greater still when, instead of reading a few lines written with a trembling hand, you will feel my soul near your own. Ah! I am certain God will allow me to pour out His favors lavishly upon you, my little sister Jeanne, and her dear Francis. I shall choose for them the most beautiful cherub of heaven, and I shall beg good Jesus to give him to Jeanne so that he may become "a great pontiff and a great saint." If I am not answered, it will really have to be because my dear little sister no longer has the desire to be a mother here below, but she will be able to rejoice at the thought that in heaven: "The Lord will give her the joy of seeing herself the mother of many children," as the Ho­ly Spirit promised when singing by the mouth of the Prophet-King the words I have just written. These children would be the souls that her well-accepted sacrifice would bring to birth in the life of grace. But I really hope to obtain my cherub, that is to say a little soul who is her replica, for, alas! not one cherub would be willing to be exiled even to receive the gentle caresses of a mother!...

I notice in my letter that never shall I have the space to say all I would like. I would like, dear Relatives, to speak to you in detail of my Holy Communion this morning which you made so touching or rather so triumphant by your bundles of flowers. I am allowing dear little Marie of the Eucharist to tell you all the details, and I want only to tell you that she sang, before Communion, a little couplet that I had composed for this morning. When Jesus was in my heart, she sang this couplet from Vivre d'Amour. "To die by love is a very sweet martyrdom."  I cannot express to you how high and beautiful her voice was; she had promised me not to cry in order to please me, and my hopes were surpassed. Good Jesus must have heard and understood perfectly what I expect from Him, and it was exactly what I wanted!

My sisters, I know, have spoken to you about my cheerfulness. It is true that I am like a finch except when I have a fever; fortunately, it usually comes to visit me only at night during the hour when finches sleep, their heads hidden beneath their wings. I would not be so cheer­ful as I am if God were not showing me that the only joy on earth is to accomplish His will. One day, I believe I am at the door of heaven because of the puzzled look of M. de C., and the next day he goes off very happy, saying: "Here you are on the road to recovery." What I think (the little milk baby) is that I shall not be cured, but that I could drag on for a long time still. A Dieu, dear Relatives, I shall speak to you only in heaven about my affection, as long as I shall drag on my pencil will not be able to express it.

Your little daughter, Thérèse of the Child Jesus



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