LT 39 - To l'abbé Révérony - December 16, 1887

Lisieux, December 16, 1887

Monsieur le Vicaire Général,

I just wrote to Monseigneur. Papa and Uncle permitted me to do so. I am always awaiting with confidence the "yes" of the Child Jesus. Monsieur l'Abbé, it is only a week from now until Christ­mas! But the more time advances the more I hope; this is perhaps temerity, but, nonetheless, it seems to me that it is Jesus who is speaking within me.

All the distractions of the trip to Rome were not able to chase from my mind for one instant the ardent desire of uniting myself to Jesus. Ah! why call me so strongly if it is only to make me lan­guish far from Him?

Monsieur l'Abbé, I hope you have pleaded my cause with Mon­seigneur as you had promised me. ' If Jesus has consoled me in my trials it is through your intervention, and if I enter Carmel at Christmas, I know that I shall owe it to you. But I am not ungrateful, and all my life I shall remember this.

I humbly ask you, Monsieur le Vicaire General, to bless me. Your most respectful and grateful little servant,

Thérèse Martin


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