LT 45 - To sister Agnes of Jesus - March 27, 1888

LT 45                    From Thérèse to Agnes of Jesus.

March 27, 1888

Tuesday, March 27, '88

My dear little Sister,

I just wrote Monseigneur the letter you composed for me; I thank you very much. Oh! how beautiful your picture is; it is a marvel.

I am sending you this note quickly to learn if you want me to say at Uncle's house that you painted a picture and that I wrote. If later on they know this, they will not be happy, but I prefer to ask you. I will tell them, too, that it is for the 9th. Since it is on Thursday that we go to Uncle's place, I would like you to put a note in the turn , which Papa will pick up tomorrow morning.

Oh! yes, Pauline, I always want to be the little grain of sand. . . . How much good your letter did me; if you only knew how much it has been at the bottom of my heart.

I would like to say many things regarding the little grain of sand, but I haven't any time. ... (I want to be a saint. . . . )

The other day, I saw some words that pleased me very much; I no longer remember the Saint who said them. It was (I am not perfect, but I want to become perfect.)

What disconnected words! Pardon me, dear little sister, I am hurrying very much.

Until April 9!



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