LT 48 - To M. Martin - May 8, 1888

LT 48                   From Thérèse to M. Martin.

May 8, 1888

My dear little Father,

Your beautiful little candles pleased me so much that I cannot refrain from writing you a little note to thank you.

Jesus' postman is very good to furnish his little Queen in this way with the means of making beautiful lightings.

The Queen is thinking continually of her King; besides, the postman of good Jesus comes so often carrying His messages that I could not forget him.

Dear little Father, really, I almost believe you are going to bring yourself to ruin, but I am going to surprise you by telling you that I am not very much worried about it. It is because you have so many plans that you'll not be caught short. . . even famine would not frighten you. Do you remember when you used to tell me: "We shall eat this or that in the famine." Or: "We shall do this when we are ruined." With such dispositions, you will not be frightened by any misfortune.

Thanks for the fish, dear little Father. Thanks, thanks, you give us so many things that I see myself forced to thank you for all in general, but each thing, nevertheless, brings its particular pleasure.

Adieu, dear King. Your Diamond and your Pearl thank you as well as your Queen.

Thérèse of the Child Jesus


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