LT 49 - To Marie of the Sacred Heart - May 12-20, 1888

LT 49                  to Thérèse to Marie of the Sacred Heart.

May 12-20, 1888

The Hermit of the Heart of Jesus gave her little daughter a sweet joy; she read into her heart!. . . Jesus speaks, then, when we are on retreat?. . . I am so thrilled by your note and the very charming way that it was presented to me that I cannot refrain from answering it this evening; soon the bell will ring. It is ring

I interrupted my note just at the moment when I wanted to speak at length....

Life is filled with sacrifices, that is true! But what a joy. Must it not be better that our life which is a night spent in a bad inn be spent in a hotel that is entirely bad than in one only half-bad?. . .

If you only knew how much I love you. When I meet you, it seems to me you are an angel.... You, who are an eagle called to soar in the heights and to fix your gaze on the sun, pray for the very feeble little reed that is at the bottom of the valley, the least breeze makes it bend. Oh, pray for it on the day of your Profession.

Ask that your little daughter always remain a little grain of sand, truly unknown, truly hidden from all eyes, that Jesus alone may be able to see it, and that it may become smaller and smaller, that it may be reduced to nothing. . . .

Pardon me for all the sorrows that I have caused you; if you on­ly knew how sorry I am for having told you that you were calling me too often.    

Oh! after your Profession never will I cause you any pain.... Adieu! .. Pardon me. . . .

Pray for your OWN little daughter.

I have dried out your little violet with great care.

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