LT 56 - To Agnes of Jesus

LT 56                   From Thérèse to Agnes of Jesus.

July 11, 1888

What a joy to see once again the sweet face of the lamb, but the little lamb begs the lamb not to leap towards heaven as yet. If its place is already prepared, let it think of the poor little lamb; let it wait a little until the little lamb can leap too. Then both of them will go into their homeland. Their heart which is never sat­isfied on earth will go to quench its thirst at the real spring of love. Oh! the sweet banquet. What a joy to see God; to be judged by Him whom we shall have loved above all things. I dreamed that the lamb was going to fly away into its homeland, but I hope that it will remain a little while more in this exile in order to guide the poor little lamb.


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