LT 58 - To M. Martin

LT 58                   From Thérèse to M. Martin.

July 31, 1888

July 31, '88. Carmel


My dear King,

If you only knew the pleasure your carp, your monster, gave us. The dinner was held back for half an hour. Marie of the Sacred Heart made the sauce, and it was delicious. It tasted like "la cuisine du monde." It was even better than the sumptuous "cuisine d'Italie," and that is not saying little, for what ban­quets ... and what company! Do you remember, little Father?. . . But it isn't always that that gives appetite, at least to me, for I haven't eaten so much since I've been in Carmel. I feel that I am entirely in my element; if Mademoiselle Pauline were here, she would say that: "I have found my way." Your Diamond can't write you, for she is doing the washing, but this doesn't stop her from thinking of you, dear little Father. She kisses you with her whole heart, and you know the heart of your biggest daughter is not little.

I think of all you used to say to us frequently: "Vanity of vanities, all is vanity, vanity of life which passes, etc...." The more I live the more I find this is true, that all is vanity on this earth.

When I think of you, dear little Father, I naturally think of God, for it seems to me that it is impossible to see anyone more holy than you on the earth.

When I think that in a week it will be four months since I am in Carmel, I can't get over it. It seems to me that I have always been here, and, on the other hand, it seems that my entrance was yesterday. How everything passes. . . .

The more I live, dear little Father, the more I love you. I don't know how this can be, but it is the truth, and I wonder what this will be at the end of my life....

I am very proud of my title of Queen of France and Navarre; I hope to merit it always. Jesus, the King of heaven, when taking me for Himself, has not taken me away from my holy King on earth. Oh! no, always if my dear little Father wills it and does not find me too unworthy, I shall remain Papa's Queen.

The bright pearl hugs you very tightly.

Adieu, and see you soon, dear King.

Your little Queen,

Thérèse of the Child Jesus


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