LT 60 - To Mme Guérin - August 23, 1888.

LT 60  From Thérèse to Mme. Guérin.

August 23, 1888

News of M. David's death reached the Carmel the night before.

Carmel, August 23, '88, six o'clock.


Jesus+ Dear Aunt,

Yesterday evening, we heard of the death of good Monsieur David. Although we were expecting to receive this sad news at any moment, when learning the reality I was very much touched. I am praying that God may take this very holy soul into His paradise; perhaps his soul is already there, for with dispositions as perfect as this one can go straight to heaven.

I am begging God to pour consolation into your soul, dear Aunt. He has already been good for having answered all the prayers you offered in order to give Him your dear relative's soul. If from the depths of her solitude your little daughter could hope that she had a feeble share in this, she would be very happy.

I find, dear Aunt, that in these moments of great sadness, we must look to heaven; instead of weeping, all are rejoicing, for Our Lord possesses one more of the elect, a new sun lights up the angels of heaven with its splendor, all are in the rapture of divine ecstasy. They are astonished that we call death the beginning of life. In their eyes, we are in a narrow tomb, and their souls can be transported to the extremity of the heavenly shores, infinite horizons. ... Dear Aunt, when we consider the death of the just man, we cannot refrain from envying his lot. The time of exile no longer exists for him; there is no longer anything but God, nothing but God.

Oh! Aunt, your little daughter would have many things to say to you; her heart is thinking deeply on this. This morning she is totally lost in sorrow at the death of the saints, but time is lacking for completing my little draft. I must stop, for the bell has just warned me that it is time to finish. I offer this little sacrifice to Jesus in order that He console you with His gentle little hand.

Your little daughter who is at heart near you as well as near her dear little sisters.

Thérèse of the Child Jesus


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