LT 73 - To Mme Guérin - January 2, 1889.

LT 73                   From Thérèse to Mme. Guérin.

January 2, 1889


January 2, 1889

Jesus!.. .

My dear Aunt,

Your little daughter is at the height of her joy!. .. How kind you are to her, it's really too much. . . and how to thank you?. . . But isn't a Mother able to read into her little daughter's heart, so I am not going to worry, being sure that you are going to under­stand my gratitude.

The lilies are RAVISHING; I would say they have just been picked! How good of my little sisters to offer them to me. It will be a great joy for me, on the day of my reception of the Habit, to

think that they were the ones who adorned me to go to my divine Fiancé. These flowers will speak to Jesus for them, who, I am sure, will give them His graces and you, too, dear Aunt.

If you only knew how happy I was to have the enormous stick of sugar-candy to offer our Mother. I recognized dear Aunt here, who is always looking out for what will give her little daughter the most pleasure. My joy was not less great when seeing the beautiful package of gingerbread. I was very proud in the refectory when our Mother told the Community that you were giving us this treat in honor of my sixteen years.

Thanks, dear Aunt. If you only knew how good I find you are! On the day of my reception of the Habit, I will pray for you and for dear Uncle, too, whom I thank with my whole heart, for I know that it is he also who has given me all these beautiful gifts I received this evening.

Our dear Mother finds the crown very beautiful and so does the whole community. Never have I seen flowers that pleased me so much; lilies are so pure. I would really like my soul to be adorned with them to go to Jesus, for it is not enough to have them in my hair; it is the heart that the eyes of Jesus are always looking at!. . .

Au revoir and thanks, dear Aunt. Pray that your little daughter may be adorned interiorly as well as exteriorly!. . .

Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus


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