LT 75 - To Marie of the Sacred Heart - January 6 or 7, 1889

LT 75                  From Thérèse to Marie of the Sacred Heart.

January 6 or 7, 1889


Jesus +

Dear Lion of Jesus, the little lamb really must borrow from you a little strength and courage, that courage which makes the Lion surmount all things !. . . The poor little lamb can say nothing to Jesus, and, above all, Jesus says absolutely nothing to it; pray for it so that its retreat be pleasing just the same to the Heart of Him who alone reads into the depths of the soul!. . .

Why seek joy on earth; I admit to you that my heart has a burn­ing thirst for it, but this heart sees that no creature is capable of quenching its thirst. On the contrary, the more it drinks at this delightful spring the more burning does its thirst become! . . . I know another spring; it is the one at which, after one has drunk, one is still thirsty, but with a thirst that is not panting. It is very sweet, on the contrary, because it has something satisfying in it, and this spring is the suffering that is known to Jesus alone!. . .

Dear Lion, I have many things to say to you, but I haven't the time; read, into the heart of YOUR little daughter, as you so well know how to do!. . .

Thérèse of the Child Jesus


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