LT 77 - To M. Martin - January 8, 1889

LT 77                   From Thérèse to M. Martin.

January 8, 1889



Jesus +                                                               January 8,1889

My incomparable King,

If you only knew how much I was touched by your kind­ness! ... a melon!.. . champagne, oh! it would make me want to cry if I were not to control myself. But I am controlling myself, and I am very much delighted by Thursday's beautiful celebration.

Usually, the wedding of a Queen is celebrated with great rejoic­ing, and it is no doubt because of this that the Queen of France and Navarre will have some fireworks.... The king is paying all the expenses for the Queen, and he is an expert at providing sur­prises; the little blond rascal has only to thank him!. . .

If on Thursday there will be a beautiful celebration on earth, I think it will be more magnificent in heaven; the angels will be in admiration when seeing a Father so pleasing to God, and Jesus will prepare a crown to be added to all those that my King has already gathered together.

No, never are earth's celebrations as ravishing as those of heaven; however, it seems to me that it is impossible to find a cele­bration more heavenly than the one in preparation. I have, never­theless, done nothing to be worthy of such a great grace, but God has been pleased to look upon the merits of my dear Father, and it is because of this that He is granting me this remarkable favor.

I am now on retreat, and on retreat we are not permitted to write, but Our Mother has allowed me to send you this note to thank you, for you are so kind to your Queen. And, then, no doubt, if it is forbidden to write, it is so as not to trouble the silence of the retreat, but can I trouble my peace by writing to a Saint?. . .

Until Thursday, dear King. Your little Queen kisses you from her heart while waiting until she can do it in reality.

The Queen of France and Navarre

Thérèse of the Child Jesus


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